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our favorite delicacies

Cream Puff
Sweet Horn
Cake Pop

our yum yum delicacies


Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Vanilla, Lemon, Pi…

Pastry with custard filling

Chocolate, Custard, Whipped cream, Raspberry…

Pastry with meringue filling

Walnut shaped cookies with caramel filling

Pistachio, Walnut

Chocolate Chunk, Sugar Cookies, Hat Cookies

Chocolate and vanilla

Dessert with chocolate, walnut, and biscuits

A block of Mousse with Chocolate, Raspberry,…

Vanilla Cream and Cream Cheese between two B…

Lemon meringue and raspberry meringue options


Custard cake with an authentic recipe

Honey cake with Chocolate or Vanilla

Caramel Cake with Prune and Walnuts

with chocolate drops

with Strawberry / Raspberry

All fresh berries in one cake

Covered with Merengue cream

with raspberry

Vanilla cake with coconut and hazelnut cream

Refreshing meringue layer and hazelnut cream…

A fantastic harmony of caramel, peanuts, and…

A fantastic harmony of Raspberry and Pistach…

Chocolate Cake and Sour Cherry

Nutella, Hazelnuts, and caramelized banana p…

Hot Drink & Cookies

Turkish traditional flavor

Our delicious cookies are on a tray

*We have a parking space next to our store
* We can keep our products in limited quantities to ensure their freshness.
Please inform us 3 days in advance to guarantee your big cake orders. For your pre-order, you can call 201 954-1893.

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